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Molly & Chris

"We just wanted to say thank you so much for making our day incredibly fun and creating so many hilarious memories. The book is awesome and the CD is great too! Everybody loved the booth and had a great time, so thank you so much! I can't imagine NOT having the booth!! Even the MOTHERS who were so against us spending the money on it had to retract their statements and apologize saying what a great idea it was!:) And they NEVER admit they are wrong!!"

Holly H.

"Thank you SO much for everything on Saturday - everything went so smoothly and I feel like we got a lot of wonderful pictures. After the reception on Saturday we went back to the hotel and looked through the guestbook. It was so awesome to see pictures of all of our guests having so much fun - and hilarious to see what they came up with. We looked through them again online last night and laughed even harder. So yes, I would say that that is was an awesome addition to the reception! We've gotten so many compliments! I've already shared the slideshow on my Facebook page (thanks for putting that together!) and will definitely rate you on the Google Places page. Thank you again, and we'll be in touch soon!"

Julie T.

"Thank you for such wonderful evening.... (besides the ceremony) I think the photobooth was the biggest hit of the night!"

Chris C.

"Everything was fantastic and the booth was a huge hit!! It was in my opinion the most exciting part of the wedding and the props really made the booth that much better. Thanks for your outstanding service, not a single issue, we got the CD today and I'm just about to take a look through it. Anyone I know that is looking for a photobooth I will send you way. Thanks again,"


"Everyone loved the photobooth and had a blast with it! We have heard tons of great comments about the booth and will be recommending you to anyone we know getting married. Thanks again!"

Melissa & Josh

"Thank you for everything this past weekend! We have received so many compliments from our wedding party about how great they thought you were and also very professional. Yes, the photobooth was definitely a hit this past weekend with ALL the guests. Josh was a little hesitant about the photobooth because he is a little cheap about things, but that was one of the first things he said to me Sunday was that he was so glad that we did that. He thought that made the reception and so do I. Again, thanks so much for all of your help the last couple months! We really appreciate your sense of urgency whether it comes to e-mailing me back right away. You have really blown us away with your customer service! We will recommend you to everyone we know, because we had such a great experience working with you! Thanks again!"

Debbie K.

"What a wonderful addition to our daughter and son-in laws wedding day. Our guests had a blast in your photobooth...props or no props. It was a hit! Your attendants were absolutely impeccable and a pleasure to have there. I'm so glad we went with you, and you agreed to travel the extra distance. I will recommend you to anyone I know having an event. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Lauren & Andy

"Thank you so much for your wonderful photo booth service! We received compliments all night for it. The operators were very professional & patient with us. It was so much fun that we could fit so many people in there! Thank you,"

Vicki N.

"I wanted to let you know how impressed I was, as well as the guests, with the photobooth. It was a huge success! The two individuals working that evening were awesome. They were friendly and very helpful. The book is a great keepsake for Megan and Andy. Thank you for being a part of their special day! Now I would love to book your photobooth for my other daughter's upcoming wedding. This is the one thing that she wanted for sure at her wedding, as did I. Thank you for helping to make such a memorable day even more memorable."

Nate & Karri

"Thank you so much for providing us with the photo booth! It was an incredible amount of fun, and our guests really enjoyed it! We will be sure to highly recommend you to our friends who will be getting married in the coming years! Thanks,"


"Best idea ever for my wedding!!! Everyone loved it and there was a constant line:) We laughed so hard looking at all the pictures afterward!"


"You guys did an awesome job. Everyone said how much they loved the booth and how much fun it was! The attendants were very nice and respectful even to the drunkest craziest person! This was the best thing we bought for the wedding and had great memories to see! We would give it a 10 out of 10 and tell everyone to get it! I would actually like one at every party we have!"


"Thanks so much! Everyone loved the photobooth, we heard so many comments from people saying it was such a great thing to have at a wedding. I love seeing all the crazy pictures everyone took and the custom album is a great way to remember the day. The attendants were awesome, too. Hopefully we will have another reason to use a photobooth in the years to come!!!"

Sheena and Chris

"Thank you for making our wedding day even more memorable with your photo booth! Everyone commented on how much fun they had taking their pictures and what a great idea it was! Really like the photo book to hold the copies too! Thanks again"


"Serious fun in the photobooth...I get compliments on your staff and set-up every time I turn around! Sooooo much fun!! Thank you Focus Photobooths!!"


"We had a fabulous time and all our guests loved working with the photobooth guys and taking the pictures. I also loved the larger booth! People did some great big group shots. Thanks again!"

Alison Y.

"Thanks so much for the awesome photo booth experience! It completed exceeded my expectations. People of course had a great time taking ridiculous photos, but I was especially happy with how professional, competent, and fun the photo booth attendants were. They helped all of the guests and made sure pictures went where they were supposed to, but they never got in the way of the fun. It was really great. Thanks again,"

Larin & Jim

"Thank you so much for everything last night! Everyone thought that the photobooth was absolutely the hit of the night!! We had so much fun this morning looking through the book you helped create! We have already given your contact information to a few of our guests who have weddings and other events coming up! If you ever have anyone that would like to talk to past clients, we would be happy to do that for you as well! Thank you again for everything! Have a great summer!"

Sam & Mary K.

"Thank you for providing the photo booth and staff for our wedding. It was a neat and different experience and gave us great memories. All of our guests had a fantastic time with it, and we now have many memorable photos! The prop box added an extra element of fun to the whole experience! The custom album was a great idea, and something we truly cherish and enjoy looking at over and over again! Thanks again!"

Patty & Dave

"Thank you so much for your wonderful photo booth service. I continue to hear from my guests what fun it was. The attendants you sent were just fabulous and the photo booth was the hit of the party. I am so happy I decided to go with Focus Photobooths. Thank you again!"

Kathy C.

"My daughter had your photo booth at their reception Saturday night. What a huge hit! Trust me, I will be telling everyone about this experience. Kris's dad was really against it; but he even got in on some pictures. On Sunday morning he had to admit in front of all remaining family that Kris was right; the booth was a huge hit!"

Jacob and Ashlee

"Ashlee and I just wanted to say thank you.  The photo booth was a great hit with all of our guests.  We received a lot of compliments on how great of an idea it was, and how much fun people had dressing up and using it.  The pictures we got also turned out great and we couldn't be happier with our decision to have Focus Photobooths at our wedding."

Jessie & Shawn

"We just wanted to let you know how much we loved the photo booth last night. Our guests thought it was great and I can't tell you how many people told us what a great idea it was to have it there:) It really helped make our day special for us and our guests."

Matt & Lisa

"Thank you so much for the opportunity to have the photo booth at our wedding. It was such a great success. We received so many compliments from our gests. Not only did we see from the pictures what a great time people had with it, but as they were waiting in line they were laughing and having a great time. Thank you for adding another wonderful aspect to our perfect day."

Melissa & Tyler

"Thank you for an amazing experience. We wanted to let you know how wonderful you guys were, especially the attendants. They were so helpful and informative. They should be commended for their customer service."

Lisa & Adam

"The photo booth was the perfect idea for the wedding. My 86 year old grandma was in and out of the booth more times than I could count!!! She loved it! We have some amazing photos and our guests created the largest album your attendants have ever seen! Our family is still talking about the booth and feel it was worth every penny. It was the highlight of the night!"

Heather & Ryan

"We wanted to thank you for the great job you and your attendants did at our wedding on August 13th.  Our guests are still talking about how much fun they had using the photo booth!  We will be recommending your services to anyone we can!"

Chris S.

"Ben & Simran, I can't thank the both of you enough. Our guests have raved about your service. We all had so much fun and it was a wonderful addition to my daughters wedding reception. We have looked at the memory album numerous times already and each time we see something new. We are keeping your business card close as we still have a few family members that are not yet married and I know anyone who attended my daughters wedding reception will recommend you to their friends and family. Both you and Simran were extremely friendly to our guests and we heard that both of you made sure this experience was great not only for our guests but also for Jeanellyn and Adam by assembling their memory album with such care. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We can't say it enough, you did a great job!"

Brandi Z.

"The photo booth was such a hit! People were so excited and the prop box was a blast. Even the older crowd got into it. It is such a neat thing to be able to give our guests a memento from that night that they can keep and look back at what a great time they had at our wedding. We are so glad we selected Focus Photobooths! Your attendants were great, the props were fantastic! We received excellent feedback from our guests. We are so happy that we decided to do have a photo booth. It is also very cool that guests can go online and see everyone else's photos from that night. I'd highly recommend this to other couples."

Jane R.

"Ben & Simran, I just wanted to tell you that the photo booth was fabulous at Kelly & Kevin's wedding! The attendants that you sent were wonderful and everyone had a great time. I would highly recommend your business to anyone and thank you, thank you, thank you for providing such a great addition to the wedding!"

Michael & Kayla

"The photo booth was an absolutely great addition to our wedding! I got so many compliments from our guests that said they loved it! This was definitely the best photo booth that I've ever seen at a wedding. There was so much room to move around in the booth and I loved how every strip had our name and the day we got married on it. Thanks again, you were great!"

Kaylin B. - Heartland Health Care & Hospice

"I have been receiving lots of compliments on the photo booth at the holiday party. I really feel that having Focus Photobooths at our holiday party made it memorable. Without it, I feel the party would have been “nice” but with it, it was actually a party!! It was a great ice breaker and it was great to see how fun co-workers could be!” Thank you again! It was even more fun that I expected!"

Kristin G. - Goodman Community Center

"We hosted an event for many of our loyal supporters and promised to treat them “royally.” So, as part of our promise, we invited Focus Photography to set up their photo booth and invited everyone to have their photo taken wearing fancy crowns and tiaras. It was a hit. People jumped at the chance to put on a crown and have a goofy photo taken of themselves, couples, individuals and groups. And Ben from Focus Photography was polite, patient and professional as he showed each guest how it worked. Hire these people if you’re serious about helping your guests have a great time at your next event."

Katie R. - Junior League of Madison

"Ben and Simran, Thank you so very much for providing a photo booth for the Junior League of Madison's annual fundraising event. We received a ton of feedback from attendees that they thoroughly enjoyed the photo booth and thought it was extremely well run. Thank you!"