Frequently Asked Questions

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How does the photo booth work?

Upon entering the photo booth, the on-screen instructions prompt your guests to position themselves on the screen and select either "Start in Color" or "Start in B&W." A succession of four pictures are then taken five seconds apart which allows ample time to change poses and be creative for each shot. After the final image is taken, the on-screen instructions prompt them to visit our attendant outside of the photo booth who is waiting for them with their photo strips. The attendant then shows them where to place one of the strips in your memory album and welcomes them to write a personal message to you if they choose. Guests are allowed to use the photo booth as many times as they would like free of charge during your rental period.

What is required in order to reserve your service for our event?

We require a $300 deposit and a signed contract in order to reserve our services. The remaining balance is due 14 days prior to your event. You may request a contract by calling or emailing us as long as we have availability on your date. All events are booked on a first-come first-served basis and dates cannot be held without a deposit and contract.

What kind of equipment is used inside the photo booth?

We use touch screens, 14 Megapixel Canon cameras, studio flash lighting, and photo dye-sublimation printers (not ink jets which are slow and smudge easily). It's basically an automated, professional photo studio inside your event. Like any responsible event vendor, we bring back ups of everything so you can relax and enjoy your event.

Does the package price include a photo booth attendant?

The rental comes with a professional, well dressed, and helpful photo booth attendant whose job it is to ensure that your guests have a fun, hassle-fee photo photo booth experience. The attendant will also facilitate the making of your memory album if you elect to have one.

Do we receive all of our high resolution digital files on CD?

We provide you with both the individual images taken as well as the photo strip layouts that we provide to your guests. This allows you unlimited use of every image taken at your event.

Are the prints included in the package price or do we pay per print?

The package price includes unlimited prints from the photo booth during your rental period. You pay a flat rate based on the number of hours you would like to use the photo booth as opposed to paying per print. The service is totally free to your guests. If your guests want additional prints or digital files after the event they can purchase them online for a nominal fee.

How many sessions can your photo booth accommodate per hour?

Our photo booth can handle up to 100 sessions per hour due to our lighting fast photo lab quality printer and easy to use interface.

How can we ensure that our guests know about the photo booth and make good use of it?

We promise you that the photo booth will not be a secret once the first few people go through it. People have so much fun they will be telling everyone they talk to about it. However, it always helps to place the photo booth near the action (generally the bar or dance floor) and have the DJ make a few announcements throughout the night. We always make sure they mention that the photo booth was provided by you and that it is free to the guest.

Can we have a special message displayed on each photo strip?

We can print just about anything you want at the top of every photo strip. You are welcome to provide us with a custom logo, or a personalized message, or we can print the event name and date as well.

How long does it take for images to be posted to our personal website?

Your images will be available to view by the end of the day following your event. Your personal website will remain up for 1 year from your event date and will be password protected so only you and your guests can view the images.

Can each guest choose to have their print in either color or B&W?

Our photo booth gives your guest the option to have their session printed in color or black and white with the simple push of a button.

Does the setup and removal of the photo booth count towards my package hours?

Absolutely not. We do not charge anything for set up and removal of the photo booth. If you book a 4 hour package and want the photo booth open from 6pm to 10pm we will have the photo booth ready to go by 6pm and we will keep it running until 10pm.

Can we keep the photo booth open beyond our agreed upon amount of time?

If you would like us to keep the photo booth running beyond the time you contracted us for, you may do so for $125 per additional hour. We will prorate to the nearest half hour if you don't require a full additional hour.

What is idle time?

Idle time is when we have our booth completely set up but not available for use. There are two occasions when our clients can use idle time to their advantage. For example, if you book a 3 hour package from 6pm to 9 pm but you prefer the booth to be set up by 4pm (before your guests arrive), the time from 4pm to 6pm is idle time. Secondly, you can put the booth on idle time during your dinner service (or any time that guests are less likely to use it) and then restart the service later in the evening to maximize usage of the booth. We charge a modest $35 per hour fee for idle time to cover the cost of paying our attendant to extend their day.

What are the dimensions of your photo booth?

We offer two booth sizes for you to choose from. Our large booth is 6 Wide x 7 Deep x 7 Tall and accommodates up to 12 guests. Our small booth is 4 Wide x 6 Deep x 7 Tall and accommodates up to 6 guests. If your reception hall has ample space for the booth we recommend the large booth as we believe more people equals more fun! However, if your reception hall is at or near capacity we recommend the small booth as it provides the same great service while requiring less space for set up.

What is your service area?

Just about anywhere. We are located in Madison but we travel all over the state and down to the Chicago area regularly. We include 30 miles of travel for free and charge $.65 cents per mile after that. If you would like a specific travel quote just let us know.

What if I still have more questions?

No problem. You are welcome to call us anytime at 608-658-2818 or email us at and we'll be happy to help.